Amazon’s proposed Delivery Station is a threat to the Livable Oakville plan.

Traffic and congestion

R4LO believes that far too much traffic will be generated by the proposed Delivery Station. The Delivery Station is along a stretch of Cornwall Road that includes a nearby level railroad crossing, a fire station and the already busy intersections of Ford/Cornwall, Ford/Royal Windsor, and Maple grove/Cornwall, all in close proximity to Highway 403.

The necessary traffic studies have NOT been Completed.


Pollution studies have not been performed for this facility but are required. Its unclear what impact the pollution from the facility and their vehicles will have on our community.


The congestion caused by the large increase in traffic in an area not designed for that volume could increase accidents.

Noise and Lighting

The station will create a significant amount of lighting and noise throughout the night, and not enough studies have been done on the impact. Only high-level provincial standards have been addressed.


H&R REIT, owner of the proposed property, has requested provincial order be lifted on that land for reasons unknown.

R4LO does not believe H&R REIT should have uncontrolled use of this land.

In 2015, the Town of Oakville rejected a project for similar zoning conflicts just down the street from this new Amazon station, at 2035 Cornwall Dr. We ask for the town to maintain consistency and follow the Livable Oakville plan for all properties.