Dear Residents,


      As many are aware, in June 2020, Town of Oakville planning staff prepared a presentation on the proposed Use of an Amazon Delivery Station and how in their opinion the proposed use is permitted within an E2 zone.


     R4L0 felt strongly that the report was incomplete as it did not take into account the full context the Town of Oakville Official Plan (Livable Oakville) and the Town of Oakville Zoning By-law 2014-014.


     As such, with the strong financial support from the community, we were able to fully self-fund our own planning report with a deep dive into the proposed Use of a Deliver Station.


     This past Friday, Weston Consultants completed and submitted their report to the Town of Oakville. Attached you will find the report.


     In summary, it is their professional opinion that although the proposed use exhibits characteristics of  “warehousing”, it also exhibits characteristics of a  “Transportation Terminal’ and as such “it is more appropriate for the proposed development be subject to the requirements of a Zoning By-law application to determine if the land use is appropriate.”


     In addition, numerous concerns have been noted in their report with respect to buffering / landscaping, noise, traffic and air quality.


     R4LO would like to once again thank all those who generously made a donation which enabled us to engage Weston Consultants.