Teterboro, New Jersy Denies Amazon's Zoning Application for Huyler Street Site

TETERBORO, NJ - The Planning Board for the Borough of Teterboro denied an application from Amazon for a Zoning Certificate of Occupancy for a site on Huyler Street to use as a vehicle depot.

The site at 1000 Huyler Street, which sits on the corner of Huyler Street and Route 46 West, is also known to as the former Strawberry building. It would be Amazon's second facility in the borough.

Amazon had sought to use the 179 thousand square foot building as an Amazon Delivery Station, or depot for delivery vehicles. It had planned to store 400 fleet vehicles, also called sprint vans. In his presentation, lawyer Joseph A. Paparo, of Prozio, Bromberg, and Newman, P.C., representing Amazon, explained that employees would arrive in 30 minute "waves" beginning at 5:30 a.m., leave their personal car, pick up their delivery vehicle, and head our for deliveries for the day. The cycle would reserve at the end of the day.

Teterboro Mayor John P. Watt, who sits on the Board, drew on his former experience as a driver, observing that one minor incident could easily throw off the morning routine, causing setbacks in the schedule, creating more traffic issues. 

Discussions between borough officials and Paparo included whether the company's plans for the facility were a permitted use in the Light Industrial and Distribution zone. Officials determined the proposed use as a vehicle depot did not meet the proper use of wholesaling, storage, or warehousing. 

According to Paparo in an email after the meeting, "Amazon will be moving forward with the Use Variance/Site Plan application but that may or may not occur in time for the December meeting."

In addition, the borough requested that the site plan include interior and exterior views, a floor plan, and traffic study which had been discussed at October's meeting.

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