Great park meeting tonight in Carol Park

We had a very successful park meeting with great turnout tonight, thanks to all for your support, for those of you who couldn’t make it please reach us through our email for any questions or making donations, all donations would be made directly to Western Consulting, Dyanne Dumas is our treasurer to track the funds.

If you’d like to continue to contribute, please write cheques payable to “Weston Consulting” with the notation “2175 Cornwall/Amazon” Cheques can be provided by Mailing cheques to: Residents4aLivableOakville, P.O. Box 61032, Maple Grove Village, Oakville, ON., L6J 7P5 R4LO will tally and courier the cheques to Weston Consulting. If cash or cheque in person handling is the preferred method of contributing, please email to to reach our Treasurer to make your donation arrangements.

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